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Lucid Honey Cosmetics

Blushing Cranberry Body Butter

Blushing Cranberry Body Butter

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Our whipped cranberry body butter is BETTER than lotion! It absorbs quickly and leaves the skin feeling silky smooth.

This Body Butter is an excellent moisturizer intended to restore moisture to skin treating dry and cracked skin. Provides rapid hydration to the skin, leaving it looking smooth and supple by restoring the skin’s natural barrier against moisture loss, long-lasting light, and gentle moisturizing with a velvet protective finish.

You can apply it all over the body daily, leaving your skin feeling soft and silky smooth.

Cranberry Butter Blend has a naturally lumpy consistency. 

Ingredient: Cranberry Butter Blend, Shea Butter, Safflower Oil, Tapioca Starch, Fragrance, Vitamin E, Titanium Dioxide, Silica.

Weight: 4 oz

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